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Springfield Civil NSW – 5 weeks, 80%, $240,000 ahead in ROCK!

Posted On: 19/09/17 6:30 PM

CASE STUDY PROBLEM The contractor is costing us a fortune excavating rock and losing time due to delays!  Sounds familiar …..….?  This was the tenor of the conversation when Andy from Springfield Civil received the call from a client in the industry pleading for help.  The project was one of those classics where the pressure […]

Insanity Defined

Posted On: 20/01/17 5:31 PM

Insanity is – Doing the Same Old Things & Expecting Different Results Oh, how we know what that is, it’s a downward vortex and the harder you do it the bolder the results come out unchanged.  We need to work smarter not harder. “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what […]