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Multi-Ripper Products

Excavator Attachments – Rock Rippers & Buckets

Multi-Ripper products are state-of-the-art products manufactured in USA with cutting edge design and quality giving improved on-site productivity and efficiency in hard soil to rock type applications. This wildly innovative product is not only simple but very effective through utilising the patent SHARC design (shanks-on-an-arc), and works the principle of single point of engagement to increase breakout force and giving you the advantage on the front line.

When a bucket engages with the worked material, the power of the machine is divided by the number of points of engagement, so if a standard bucket has parallel teeth, the power of the machine can be divided up to 5 times; equally this principle applied to a multi-ripper product gives the full tonnage of the bucket to that single point of engagement increasing effectiveness up to 8 times.

Side-by-Side Comparison

Australian Patent: 2012216738
New Zealand Patent: 534113 & 543728