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With over 20 years’ experience in the construction industry, ONTRAC Group Pty Ltd has identified the need in the industry to improve on-site productivity, reduce unnecessary expenditure, and complete projects on time and under budget. ONTRAC Group can help you achieve this in your organisation through the introduction of a range of quality excavator attachments that are proven to maximise effectiveness in hard soil & rock type .materials through simple innovative design. We recognise the need for profitability and are passionate you reach 100/100 effectiveness from every operator on every site.



At ONTRAC Group, we will support the construction industry with quality excavator attachments that are not “me-too” products and give the advantage of efficiency and effectiveness on site.  Our passion for customer satisfaction coupled with the confidence and knowledge of our products, will pave the way for success of our organisation, and every organisation we collaborate with for a lifelong relationship.


To be recognised throughout Australasia as a supplier of quality, reliable and effectively engineered products that work to our promise, and are great value for money.